If you’ve ever watched a Fashion show online then you know you can find yourself immersed in the clothes and the designer’s universe. There’s always a garment that stands out; it’s an original and it’s what other designers model or outright copy.

One of the biggest trends in business today is following other people’s models for success. It’s HOT and it’s EVERYWHERE. While that may give you a sense of direction and glimpse of what’s possible, it won’t necessarily attract your dream clients and give you that  “je ne sais quoi” in your industry.


  • You are a: Fashion-Conscious Entrepreneur, Creative Professional, Artist, Consultant, Coach, Author, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, New Thought Leader, Feminine CEO or Woman in Business who loves expressing your individuality with meaning and impact.
  • You are ready to stop living vicariously through other people and step into your zone of genius.
  • You feel restless inside because there’s so much more to your potential that isn’t being expressed.
  • You are tired of getting lost in the crowd, in highly leveraged group programs that don’t honor YOU and your uniqueness.  You want to feel valued and special instead of like merchandise on a clearance rack.
  • Your business is up and running, but you’re feeling stuck and struggle with clarity, direction and reaching higher income levels.
  • You’re the woman that LOVES what you do, but can’t find enough clients to make enough profit or market yourself effectively.
  • You’re a seasoned business owner, but you’d LOVE to revitalize your brand and ‘modernize your marketing’. 
  • You find yourself struggling with writing sales copy and have difficulty describing what it is that you do. The branding process remains a mystery to you.
  • You wish to increase the perceived value of your product or service (because the customer won’t see it on their own).
  • You see that the marketplace is competitively crowded and would like a proven method to connect with a much bigger audience and increase your influence.
  • You refuse to settle for a “knock-off business model” and desire a brand that fits you like a glove. 

Picture yourself owning a business that you’re absolutely crazy about…

A business that fulfills you intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and financially ALL while indulging in your femininity…

Pretty Sexy, right? But so often we settle for a knockoff formula that will never fit and we beat ourselves up when it’s not working, or when it does work, we’re mystified as to why it suddenly plateaus.

Today, women like you are emerging as leaders and claiming their feminine power and asking for a different type of training experience, one that respects your individuality and delivers on the promise of helping you become more powerful and profitable.

Real change, the kind that you’ve been craving for in your business, is only going to come from tapping into your zone of genius and getting clear on your brand and what makes it unique in the marketplace. Tapping into who you are builds confidence and grows your ability to connect with others.

Don’t treat your business like a “knock-off” and expect your customers to treat you like “couture.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re transitioning out of corporate, in the start-up phase or a 7 Figure Financial Femme. Branding is part art and part science, and the most unforgettable brands in the world develop their allure through a highly strategic process.

A brand archetype is a personification of a brand on a human level. It borrows well-established character types throughout Film, History, and Literature to define a brand’s underlying character and personality.


Would You Like To Know Your Sexy Brand Archetype?

Imagine tapping into the feminine power and creativity that is already inside you, and unlocking it so that you can have the impact you’ve always known you’re meant to have in the world.

Begin right now and we’ll work together to cut through the confusion and fear of competition while building an experience your dream clients can’t help but love, share, and buy, essentially putting your brand in the spotlight with a proven blueprint…

(No matter what industry you’re in…)


“Unstuck Is The New Black”

These past few days have been the best of my life. I began working with Ungenita at a time when I was fighting incredibly hard to stay in California and not move back to Florida and overcoming almost moving back there TWICE. I can finally say I am here. to. stay.

Within the span of seven months, I made a decision to actively create a new future by turning my passion into a paycheck. I’ve always loved styling and wanted to start monetizing my blog and bring in my second passion: helping others.

As a result, I landed a contract with a fashion brand as a Fashion Stylist/Content Strategist and increased my salary by 30%. Ungenita not only helped me land my dream job, she is the reason my brand evolved into “Make It Work Style” and positioned me a Social Media Influencer.

If you’re stuck in your business and want to create a brand that you love and bring in the bank. I highly recommend you work with Ungenita. It’s SO worth it!

Rachel Guidry, Fashion Stylist, Huntington Beach, CA

“Ungenita Prevost helped me bring my brand to fruition. From creative direction, copywriting and packaging my products/services. She assisted me with the critical pieces that we often miss when launching a brand. Having a brand that you (absolutely) love and fits you like a glove is priceless. I’m so glad I made the investment!”

Beverly Harris, Lifestyle Consultant, Beverly Hills, CA

Every Feminine Leader Has That Sexy And Special “Je ne sais quoi” That Draws Crowds, Stares And Commands Attention.


“My Brand fits me like a glove. As a single mom of two sons diagnosed with autism I created an Advocacy production company, Autism Media. By defining my target market under the guidance of Ungenita Prevost, it led to the creation of a successful documentary that was nominated for a 2013 Africa Movie Academy Award. I attracted speaking engagements, media exposure and opportunities to lobby on behalf of legislation that benefits the Autism Population. I also found my voice in the world of Social Media. I’m currently working on my second film, expanding my business and launching an Advocacy Series! And I’ve only just begun!”

Vana Thiero, Advocacy Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

“Ungenita is the Tony Robbins of Beauty!”

Josh Mankiewicz, NBC Correspondent

Clients Get Results with Ungenita’s Training …



Inner beauty is the ultimate currency and my brilliance is showing you how to leverage your assets on the inside to get what you want on the outside. When a woman stands in her power and expands her consciousness, it’s only a matter of time before she increases her net-worth!

I’ve been named “The Tony Robbins of Beauty. I’m also a former Actress, Dancer and most noted for being a Hollywood Body Double. I often joke my body is more famous than me. Chances are you’re one of millions of people that have seen me around the globe and didn’t even know it was me. Today, I am recognized as a World Leader in Beauty, Wealth, and Feminine Leadership.

I’m passionate about showing women like you how to be more than just a pretty face, a woman who uses her intellect, creativity and femininity.

Fashion Sense + Financial Sense = Feminine Power 100%

I’ve worked with brands like Nike, Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop, Sony, Paul Mitchell, Wet Seal, Mitsubishi and ING Direct. I’ve trained women entrepreneurs on 3 continents and helped them triple and quadruple their income. I’ve also worked with start-ups, celebrities, and multi-million dollar brands as a Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Copywriter, Sales Trainer, Fashion Merchandiser, Spokesmodel and Beauty Empowerment Coach. I’ve brought the topic of Beauty, Wealth and Feminine Leadership around the world through webinars, teleseminars, guest speaking and live events. I’m more than a Life Coach. I’m a woman with REAL business skills.


The results of my work, millions of dollars’ worth of sales in my career spanning multiple industries including Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Technology, Wellness, Hospitality, Personal Development, Direct Sales and Entertainment.

But…life was not always pretty for me.

I grew up in the projects in New Orleans, landed in the foster care system at 15 years old and the state of California handed me my walking papers at 17 ½ years old. I know firsthand what it’s like to be Homeless, Jobless, Car-less, Parent-less, AND Cash-Less. I have experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine.

“Youth in foster care often do not get the help they need with high school completion, employment, accessing health care, continued educational opportunities, housing and transitional living arrangements. Studies of youth who have left foster care have shown they are more likely than those in the general population to not finish high school, be unemployed, and be dependent on public assistance. Many find themselves in prison, homeless, or parents at an early age.”

When society labels you a statistic, you have a choice you can succumb, or show the world how powerful you really are.

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through in your business or life, chances are I’ve been there, done that and am more than qualified to help you get through it.

Which is exactly why you can get excited about…

There’s a unique part of you that as a feminine leader you may mistakenly believe you have to hold back. You worry about what people will think if you let them see the REAL YOU. “Connectivity is the new currency!” You have to woo your prospects and engage your clients/customers with originality and authenticity.

78% of buying decisions are based on other’s perceptions of a company & the experience it delivers… 

Here’s a detailed outline of this VIP Virtual Training so you attract more clients, increase your self-worth

AND YES, My Darling, your net-worth is included in the deal too.

Get ready to discover your Brand Archetype. It will unlock the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you, a client-attraction and opportunity magnet. It’s the accessory your brand is more likely (than not) missing.


  • Discover what makes you unique in the marketplace.
  • Walk away with tremendous clarity about how to integrate the spirit and soul of who you are with the outward branding of your business.
  • Capture your spirit, personality, and passion into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your online/offline marketing.
  • Instantly create a Hot & Sexy Marketing message (you’ll love the template I’ll coach you through in this virtual training).
  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write irresistible emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions.
  • Use your Brand Archetype to immediately increase your earning power and grow your business (or up-level your role as a CEO of a company).
  • Use your brand words to create authentic content to post or record engaging videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or your favorite social media platform.
  • Own who you are and people won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

As you will learn in this program, you can accomplish a lot with a little ingenuity… and a proven system.


“With a successful business spanning 20+ years, I knew it was time to incorporate digital marketing and innovative strategies and Ungenita Prevost came highly recommended. She helped my firm with implementing a new marketing strategy and gave us social media tutorials which have helped us reach a larger demographic and grow our business immensely. I’ve since referred her to many of my colleagues who rave about the results they received working with Ungenita.”

Susan Cohen, Interior Designer, Santa Monica, CA

Build Your Brand In A Weekend

If you’re saying to yourself….

I’ve taken so many programs and heard billions of philosophies on branding. Can “BRANDING FIT FOR A GODDESS” REALLY take my business to the next level?


There is nothing more valuable to you than getting clear on your personal brand and what makes it unique out in the marketplace. It’s crowded out there. I’m sure you’ve noticed “Knock Off Business Models” are a dime a dozen on the internet and you probably have a few in your inbox right now (you know what I’m talking about…). If you ever wanted to PLAY BIGGER, step into the COUTURE version of YOU and not feel like you’re “Fakin’ it to make it”. This is your time. It will set you apart from all the copies, and replicas in the world. Remember, what I said earlier. Tapping into who you are builds confidence and grows your ability to connect with others. “Connectivity is the new currency”

Imagine what BRANDING FIT FOR A GODDESS will do for your business. Imagine the results in your business when you finally share your “Sexy Unique Gifts” with the world. They’ll remember you, whether they want to or not.

“If you think what Ungenita Prevost does is just about make-up and lipstick you are sadly on the wrong track. Ungenita has shown me how to take areas of my life that I wanted to move forward to the next level from mindset to hair style to business marketing. The shifts that have happened in my business are amazing! I am re-branding my whole website because of what Ungenita has shown me and taught me and I now have a superior product. All that she has learned herself and applied in her life she passes on to you. You have to experience her to make a leap! Lipstick: $15, Make-up: $55, Facial: $150, Business seminars: $5,000, One on One Mentoring: $100,000, Ungenita’s Inner/Outer Business Makeover: $$$ Priceless!”

Micaela Passeri,, Fashion Designer Florence, Italy

“I walked away with a monetization strategy after my Business Makeover session with Ungenita, including easy-to-follow action steps to guide me along the way! Her enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air and has inspired so many other ideas for me to explore. If you’re looking to grow your beauty/fashion business, I highly recommend working with Ungenita – she’ll bring an amazing amount of value to your business!”

Grace Gold,, TV Host/Allure Magazine Beauty Expert New York, New York

Coaching is designed to BE personal so that you get strategies, insights and breakthroughs specific to YOU and where you want to be in your business.

Because when you know what to do you become Unstoppable

If your feminine intuition is telling you, this is meant for you, then you are in the right place. No more excuses for wanting what you want and apologizing for being you. You can be feminine, stylish, eccentric, fashionable, brilliant, sexy, flamboyant, flirty, powerful, girly, heart-centered, playful and profitable.

BRANDING FIT FOR A GODDESS: A VIP Virtual Training for Fashion-Conscious women entrepreneurs who are ready to be POWERFUL, PLAYFUL AND PROFITABLE.

Unmistakably be the unique woman you are. Positively impact the world with what makes you, YOU!

How the VIP Virtual Training works…

  • You’ll spend 6 hours with Ungenita via Skype/conference line.
  • You’ll receive Branding with Archetypes® Assessment
  • You’ll receive Branding with Archetypes® 20+ page workbook to create YOUR ALLURING Brand
  • You’ll have breaks throughout the session, to take notes, complete assignments, to have a snack, lunch, luxuriate, move your body etc.
  • You’re going to take-action, implement, execute and Unleash The Goddess the world has yet to see!

Time is the one thing in the world that everyone wants more of, but can never purchase. It is the most valuable commodity in the world. Put simply, I am offering you the ultimate luxury of saving time.

What you’ll need…

  • Your favorite wireless device (fully charged) we’ll be using Audio for the 6 hour VIP Virtual Training with Ungenita.
  • A Woman About Her Business Attitude, Authenticity, Free-Spirit and Desire
    Be open to raise your level of awareness, tap into your playful side, and stand in your power like you ever have before.
  • Bring out the ‘Pen Up Girl’ in you…you’ll be provided with Branding With Archetypes® Workbook and Assignment Sheets in PDF and Word format so you can print them out, take notes and follow along. Please be pen and paper ready, or have the ability to take notes on a device. You’ll want to document all the ‘lushiousness’ as it unfolds. This transformed my life and my business. It increased my soul-esteem and I know without a doubt it will transform yours.

Plus, you’ll receive these Drop Dead Gorgeous Bonuses:

Bonus 1: A beautiful full-color set of Branding with Archetypes® Cards (Value $100)


Bonus 2: I have created taglines, slogans and marketing messages for multi-million dollar brands and now I’m going to help you create your “Million Dollar Brand Message” in this 45 minute private coaching call. I don’t think you’ll find an offer like that in one of those highly leveraged group programs (Value $3000).


Would You Like To Know Your Investment For A Brand That Fits You Like A Glove?


For everything – the step-by-step VIP Virtual Training, Couture coaching, the workbook and additional materials, and the bonuses, the total value of this VIP Virtual Training is over $5000.

 Your investment to create an alluring brand that has the potential to solve ALL of your branding problems is the same price of an authentic HERMES Bag $2500.

Hurry, take advantage of my best offer ever and Fashion YOUR Brand Now:

So … are you ready to be the woman you promised yourself you would be when you were a little girl and turn her into the designer label your customers want to buy?

You Can Spend $1200 On A New Pair Of Stilettos,
$500 On A Monogram Designer Handbag,
$150 On Your Hair,
I Hope You Realize That Investing In An Opportunity To Increase Your Income Is  Well Worth It!

I Can Tell You From Personal Experience Investing In My Business Almost (Always) Increases My Trips To The Mall & The Spa!

Click here to secure your spot today.


Plus, I want you to feel confident and sexy about this decision. So, I’m giving you my ‘Feel Pretty GLAM Good’ Guarantee.

My Personal ’Feel Pretty GLAM Good’ Guarantee!

I stand behind my program 1001% and its ability to show you how to step into your power and zone of genius on a much bigger scale. I guarantee if you commit to Branding Fit For A Goddess and take action at the end of the day you will discover what makes you unique in the marketplace. You will walk away with tremendous clarity about how to integrate the spirit and soul of who you are with the outward branding of your business. They’ll remember you whether they want to or not!

*Please note since Branding Fit For A Goddess VIP Virtual Workshop is live and also includes access to all recordings, templates, scripts and materials, no cash refunds can be granted. 

Fashion Sense + Financial Sense = Feminine Power 100%

If you don’t take count of your gifts and talents, you run the risk of everyone else selling you short…

If you’d like to work privately with Ungenita Prevost, Branding Fit For A Goddess VIP Day is also available for Fashion-Conscious Women Entrepreneurs. ‘Unstuck is the new black’ contact us today via email: support (AT)